Initial Thoughts on Bengals Draft

The years of Chris Berman and company laughing and mocking the Bengals on draft day are apparently long gone.

For the fourth consecutive year, the Cincinnati Bengals have been praised for their patience and draft day selections. ESPN draft guru, Mel Kiper Jr., gave the Bengals an A-. Along with the Rams and Ravens, an A- was his highest grade given out in this particular draft.

The Bengals did the same thing they’ve done over the past four or five years on draft day. They stuck to their board to select the best overall player at the top of the draft, and then filled needs with some nice players in the middle to late rounds.

Marvin Lewis Deserves Some Credit

Marvin Lewis Deserves Some Credit

Say what you want about Marvin Lewis and his inability to determine the correct time to throw the challenge flag, but his ability to convince Mike Brown to give him more control of the draft and scouting has been the difference. Marvin has built a solid scouting team and realizes what it takes to not only win in the AFC North, but also in the NFL as a whole.

Unlike some other defensive minded coaches around the league (Rex Ryan), Marvin has adapted with the changing landscape of the NFL and realizes the league is an offensive dominated league. He has now built a solid defensive front that can pressure opposing quarterbacks and given Andy Dalton enough weapons to finally compete with the big boys in the AFC.

Moving on, how about some random thoughts on the 2013 NFL Draft?

– Tyler Eifert was awesome at Notre Dame, I think he will be awesome in stripes.
– Text I received about Margus Hunt, “I watched him play his bowl game against Fresno State. The dude is a freak”. I like freaks.
– I have heard of Giovani Bernard. He is everything the Bengals need in a running back.
– The Ravens and Steelers got a lot of good players.
– EJ Manuel?
– Wish Reid or Cyprien would have fallen to Bengals in second round.
– I need a new Bengals jersey.
– How do opposing teams guard AJ, Gresham, AND Eifert?
– Bengals love Georgia players (Shawn Williams)
– Bengals announce signing of Andre Smith minutes before their selection of Giovani Bernard. Can’t wait to see the big fella open up some lanes for the UNC product.
– What happens if Bengals don’t get a deal done with Smith? Menelik Watson?
– Bengals now have four capable tight ends on their roster. They don’t need four tight ends.
– Are AFC North and NFC West the two best divisions in football?
– I’m buying a Giovani Bernard jersey.
– No more excuses for Dalton. Bengals go as far as he takes them this year. He knows it.
– Think about AJ, Gresham, EIfert, Giovani, and Andrew Hawkins on the field together.
– Bernard Scott and Giovani Bernard. That will be confusing.
– I’ve talked myself into Giovani Bernard being the next Ray Rice.
– You should be very excited about being a Bengals fan.
– Who Dey

Need It

Need It

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